Rose colored glasses with Christ

AngelsI am on Facebook a lot. I see post from a lot of people who claim they are Christians. I have no doubt that they are and that they have a love and trust for Christ that is real. I do however believe that as Christians we should be responsible when we post things that the public can read. I have seen post that promise that if you like and share you will receive a miracle by morning or ones that imply that if you keep scrolling you must not care. I have seen it over and over where people are claiming that if we just have faith that God will bless our lives with more than we can imagine. While in a sense it is true that God will bless our lives consider that you are not a Christian reading these promises. To me it would make me think I have tried having faith and it didn’t happen for me. I have quit scrolling and shared everything I could and the miracle never came. I have a very broad imagination. I imagine a world where none of my friends or family never have to suffer or die. I imagine that I will wake tomorrow and all of my financial worries will be over. I imagine that God will end world hunger. I imagine a lot of things. Does it mean that that my faith is not strong enough ? Certainly not. Does it mean that God does not love me as much as he does anyone else ? I don’t believe that for a minute. God loves us all. As a matter of fact he loves us so much he sent his only son “Jesus” to die to wash away our sins.

We are all going to face our own trials in life. We will loose people that we love. We will see hardships that no one else will understand. If your not born into a “financially” rich family odds are you will face trying times because of money. Health is something else. At some point in our lives we will all face times when our health becomes an issue.

God does perform miracles. Yes that’s right. I said it. GOD PERFORMS MIRACLES. The thing about it is, I too had the image of believing in Christ and my little world would become perfect. It didn’t. My Mother and my Brother still passed away. My money problems didn’t get any better, as a matter of fact I ended up loosing a nice vehicle, a very nice house and most of my worldly possessions. “How do you still believe in miracles” you ask ? It’s simply because of where I came from to be where I was.

I was raised in a loving family in a small town in Kentucky. I was taught the difference between right and wrong. I was taught respect for other people. I was saved and baptized in a small church where I lived. Somewhere along the years of becoming a man on my own, things changed. I moved out of that small town. I became independent of my loving family. I found booze and drugs which changed the very core of who I was. Without even realizing it I had become the person I never wanted to be. I lost touch with my family for many years until I had got to the point I was afraid to go home. I lived as if my life was the only one that mattered for many years.

Do I believe in miracles ? You better bet. What changed for me is I had taken a job driving trucks over the road. After all, I didn’t have to answer to anyone. After a number of years on the road I awoke one morning to my Mothers voice saying she needed me, it is time to come home. I have no doubt now that my Mothers voice is the only thing that God knew I would listen to. My family had moved and I found them in Tennessee. I made it home about six months before my Brother passed away from a bout with cancer. My Mom prior to his passing had asked if I would be willing to rent a place with her and my Father. Being on the road as a driver I figured that would be a waste of my hard earned money so I bought us a house. Six months after my Brother passed I lost my Mother. During a knee operation she was given a blood thinner that she had an allergic reaction to. The medical staff didn’t realize it in time and she lost a battle to a stroke. Man, I was angry at the staff at the hospital. I was angry at the world. I was angry at God. I had so much anger inside that I allowed myself to loose my home, I lost a nice vehicle, I lost most of my worldly possessions. I started having health problems. Two heart attacks within six months of one another a whole in my stomach the size of a quarter among other things. I stayed angry that way for the longest time.

It was only the grace of God “another one of his miracles” that I was able to overcome the anger I had in my heart.  Once I was able to start to forgive “myself as well as others” I started to realize that God had been there helping me all along. Yes, my Mom and Brother was still gone, yes, I had still lost almost everything I had ever worked for. What I realized is that if it hadn’t been for God’s miracle “bringing me home” I would not have been there to hold my Mothers hand as she went home to Heaven. I would have missed out on my Brothers love during his last days. I would not have been here and would not be here to experience and share my fathers love today. Did I loose everything ? Materially, Yes. What I gained is the understanding that sometimes what we think would be the very best for us is often not what God sees in his love for us.

Please remember that when you tell someone about the blessings of God The rose colored glasses we often wear are not the ones that everyone looks through. Let them know what the blessings are you have received and about the miracles in your own life. Let them know God’s love does not make you or your world perfect but he gives us the strength and courage to face another day. I am by far not perfect but God with his love gives me a reason to try harder to please him today.

Blessings are real.

I have heard people say that God does not perform miracles.

Let me tell you about my day. For the past month I have been pain almost to the state of dis ability. Our family reunion was set for today. I didn’t really feel like going knowing that I was going to be in pain most of the time I would be there but I really wanted to go and see everyone. When I awoke this morning it was really hard to get myself started. I was finally able to get myself into the shower and was able to clean myself up. I then managed to get myself dried off and dressed. I wanted to drive my old pickup because I haven’t driven it in a while. I got in and cranked it up and away I went. I stopped at the gas station for some gas and started toward the reunion. I was a few miles away and my trusty old truck started to rumble very bad. I pulled off the shoulder and discovered it was a u joint about to let go. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a u joint go out but from experience they usually don’t give much of a warning, especially at 65 miles per hour down the highway. I got back in and eased it about another mile to a closed down gas station. At least I was off the highway. I was able to call my Father and a Cousin of mine and they were both still a little ways away but said they would stop and get me on there way. As I prepared to wait for a while I received a phone call. It was my Cousin’s wonderful wife asking if I was OK. She had just passed the store where I was sitting and was able to turn around and pick me up. Well, we made it to the reunion. On top of the pain I was in I was also having a problem with feeling like I was about pass out so I just found me a seat back out of the way where I could just watch everyone. During the reunion just about everyone came over and hugged me, told me they loved me and asked if there was anything they could do for me. Afterwards my Cousin that I had called took me to the parts store and we managed to get the part for my truck. We drove out to where it was parked and He went to put the part in and we discovered they had given us the wrong part. He went ahead and dropped the drive shaft and we took it back to the parts store and while we were there getting the correct part he discovered that the u joint on the other end was also bad. Knowing I had no more money to pay for the one that wasn’t far from falling out he just took his wallet out and bought me one. He put them both on the drive shaft while we were sitting at the parts store and then we headed back to my truck and he put the drive shaft back in and had me ready to roll. I made it home with a truck the drove smoother than it had for a while. I made it inside and just fell onto the couch, tired and in pain and feeling weak.

The reason that I have classified this as a miracle you ask ? It wasn’t the fact of having a loving and supportive family. They have always been a wonderful and loving family. It wasn’t the fact that I managed to get my truck off the road and get it fixed when I didn’t have the money for the parts. God has always taken care of me and given me not only what I need but so much more. It was the simple fact that being through all of this while I was in pain and about to pass out. God has given me the greatest feeling that I am truly blessed. No matter the situation, no matter how I am feeling physically, God has blessed my life beyond what I could ever deserve.

Survival Tactics

This is by far the most important article I will ever write.

I have noticed lately on my facebook page and many other sites that there is a volume overload of video’s people are making to teach you the survival skills needed to face the coming times. They are selling these sure fire ways to a public that they hope through scare tactics to make them rich selling their thoughts and methods of survival. Some are selling survival tactics, and some are selling their products. There are those who claim they will teach you (for a price) to survive for the long term. “Until America is back on her feet”.

I have a survival package of my own to sell you. Please read till the end. This is the cheapest and most proven package that will ever be published. It is the longest term of survival that can ever be promised. 100% money back. Works in any situation.

My survival skills have been taught through the ages. From the very beginning of time people have applied these techniques and still survive today.

The only payment you have to make is to believe. God has set forth a plan for us. He sent his son, Jesus Christ to save us all. He only ask us to believe. If we simply believe in Jesus and ask him to forgive us of our sins and follow the father WE WILL BE SAVED.

I don’t ask for any money for these survival skills. I only ask you pass this along to someone who needs it.

My friends, do not be afraid of what tomorrow brings. It is all in God’s hands. Believe in Christ and through Him we can all see the kingdom of heaven.

My body is but a vessel, A ship to carry me home.

No matter the religion, no matter the race, no matter the political standings of the world. I have written this for each and every one of my Brothers and Sisters who stand before God and profess His name. I love you all and I pray I see you there.


Simple Blessings

Simple Blessings

Have you ever noticed that the most wonderful blessings in life never cost you a dime?
God’s love for us is much the same way. He does not require that we give up our life savings
in order to receive his love. He only ask us to believe.



Since the days that Christ himself walked upon the earth has there been anyone who has gotten away without sin. We have all done things in our past that we are not exactly proud of.
The only sin that is unforgivable is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. All other sin is forgivable if you just ask.
“To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.” (Revelation 3:21)
Jesus loves us all. It is the nature of our sins that he hates. The sickened and downtrodden will all sit at the thrown if we just have faith.

Love from Beyond

Love from Beyond

As I watch the colors of fall change from green

to orange, yellow, and red,

I think of my loved ones gone on ahead.

Do they see me now?

Do they see my heart long

for the days gone by?

Do they see the tear roll down my cheek,

as I sit here and cry?

Do they know what I think?

do they know how I feel?

Do they really believe that these feelings are real?

I think they do.

I think from heaven their watching,

and smiling at me,

sending hugs and kisses full of love don’t you see.

So if you’ve ever wondered if their watching you too,

be sure that they are,

sending love just for you.

A.W.O.L Questions ???

I have received notice that there have been several people starting to follow my blog that are trying to promote their program A.W.O.L. .

I have to ask is this another one of those programs where you pay $20.00 to join and $19.95 per month and any money you make comes from selling the same product to others? Or does it actually promote and help me promote and learn to sell my blogs like it says in the information presented to get me to look?

Just wondering.

When Media Goes to Far

I was sitting drinking my coffee this morning. The today show was on the tube as it usually is, so I can try to keep up with the news of this crazy world. As I was about to take a drink, on came a story about a women giving child birth. It showed a video of her , legs up in stirrups, the doctor and assistants playing around in this women’s mid section. Even though you couldn’t see below her hikes up gown, you could see her bare legs and those people there with their hands just going to work.

Call me old fashioned but from what I can remember the closest thing to this that was shown when I was a kid is the Father pacing the floor in the waiting room smoking a cigarette waiting not so patiently. Children do not need to see this. At a time when a second grader can go to school and get suspended for merely telling the teacher he thinks she’s cute. Do we, as a society need to add to the temptation’s of life so early for them.  Do we as a society need to stand by and just watch while TV and the media corrupt our children or do we need to stand up and send a message that we are tired of them pushing the limits of morality to our children?

I have heard it said and believe it whole heartedly. If you don’t teach your children at home the importance of God and morality, they will learn something very different from someone else.


I think

As my mind drifts back,

back to a time,

when yesterday was so near.

I think of your love for me,

and how you always held me near.

I think of the hugs that you gave me,

I think of punishment too.

I think of the time you gave up for me,

and I think of the times we shared.

I think of the fact you didn’t have to love me,

I think a lot of parents don’t.

I think, I think, I think,

I think It’s all about you.

I think of you so dearly,

 I think I love you too.

Thanks to a Mother and Father who loved me and never let me down.